IDA & Independent Advisors | Add Support While Maintaining Independence

For independent advisors, partnering with one of the 50+ bright and successful BGAs that make up Insurance Designers of America has remarkable benefits. Independent advisors maintain the freedom to operate their businesses how they see fit, while gaining access to more insurance carriers, working with an agency that can deliver better underwriting decisions, and receiving robust marketing support and training.

How We Help You

When you decide to partner with one of the 50+ bright and successful BGAs that make up Insurance Designers of America, you’re adding some incredible tools to your arsenal.

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Case Management Support

Managing the case management process can be tedious and time-consuming for independent advisors. By partnering with us, you’ll enjoy the benefit of case managers keeping track of everything on your behalf, allowing you to focus on helping your clients.

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Robust Marketing Support

Another incredible benefit of this partnership is the robust marketing and sales support you’ll receive. Our agencies are here to provide you with the tools to identify new marketplaces, better position your products and services, and ultimately grow your practice.

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Access to a Greater Number of Insurance Carriers

Our agencies benefit from having access to a large group of core carriers, and by working with us, independent advisors enjoy that same benefit. This allows you to be better equipped to provide the best possible insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of your various clients.

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Better Underwriting Decisions

The BGAs at Insurance Designers of America use our business scale to help you deliver the best possible underwriting decisions for your clients

Maintain Your Freedom & Better Help Customers

You chose to be an independent advisor for a reason—to provide the best possible insurance solutions for your customers in your own way. Insurance Designers of America understands that. By partnering with one of our member agencies, you maintain the freedom you love, but you’re also given the tools to provide even more value for your clients.