IDA & Financial Institutions | A Partnership That Simply Makes Sense

For independent advisors, partnering with one of the 50+ bright and successful BGAs that make up Insurance Designers of America has remarkable benefits. Independent advisors maintain the freedom to operate their businesses how they see fit, while gaining access to more insurance carriers, working with an agency that can deliver better underwriting decisions, and receiving robust marketing support and training.

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Insurance: An Untapped Revenue Source

Financial institutions have an incredible opportunity to increase revenue by partnering with Insurance Designers of America and our partner agencies. Already helping clients build their financial strategies, financial institutions are in a unique position to also help protect their clients’ financial futures by guiding their insurance strategies. This expands the service offering you provide your customers and opens up an entirely new revenue stream for both current and future clients.

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Increased Value For Customers

By taking services offered beyond financial and investment strategies and into insurance strategy, financial institutions become more valuable to their clients. And by increasing value through a more comprehensive service offering, financial advisors are able to retain clients more successfully than they would offering financial services alone.

Partner with Insurance Designers of America

Grow your revenue and become more valuable to your clients. IDA and the 50+ bright, successful brokerage general agencies that make up our organization believe in putting the consumer above all else. We’re looking to partner with financial institutions that operate with the same level of professionalism and integrity that we hold ourselves to.

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