Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance | Find the Best Policy for You

Long-term care insurance has been growing in popularity with the surge of Baby Boomers leaving the work force and reaching advanced age. We’re here to let you know the basics and help you better understand the options currently available among insurance plans.

Do You Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

While much of the focus on insurance plans as we make our way through life is on immediate care, thinking ahead and planning for the future is important. Long-term care insurance can help provide for the payments necessary to keep you or your family from needing to carry the financial burden that comes with long-term care.

What Is Covered By Long-Term Care Insurance?

Most long-term care insurance policies sold today provide its policyholders with the ability to use what you’ve put in for a variety of long-term care options. Today, many policies will help to cover the costs of:


  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Adult Day Care
  • Respite Care
  • In-Home Care

Who Would Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

As mentioned previously, many people often assume incorrectly that long-term care is only beneficial to those who are retired and advancing in age. The reality of the matter is that anyone can benefit from a long-term care insurance policy due to it covering such a wide range of options.

Too often, we think of nursing homes, assisted living centers, and home care as meant for older individuals, the same care is often a necessity for individuals who have been injured in an accident, individuals living with a prolonged disability or illness, and those with a cognitive impairment.

How to Choose a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy

Knowing when to start, determining how much to put into your plan, and identifying the best long-term care insurance plan for you can be daunting. Insurance Designers of American can connect you with some of the best insurance specialists across the nation to help you.